Give her Wings. Inspire Confidence. Watch her fly.

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That is the average number of victims that are rescued from sex trafficking out of the 2-4 billion men, women and children being sold for sex across the world.

80% of them are women and children being sold and abused in a 165 billion dollar industry. 

As women we are taking a stand to do what we can to rescue, restore and revive these women who have been saved. 

This is not about Wings Cosmetics. 

This is about Women Empowering Other Women! 

Heres how it works: You purchase the makeup kit and we will ship it to a center that is working with women who have been rescued from sex trafficking. 

By purchasing a makeup kit you are making the decision to give her wings, inspire confidence and watch her fly. 

Wings Cosmetics will de donating each kit purchased by you to a center who is working to bring life back to our sisters who have been saved using the power of makeup. 

These kits will be shipped to not only the US but across the globe.  Together we will make a difference and remind each woman that is rescued that she is beautiful. 

With each makeup kit purchased you will be restoring a rescued woman but you will also contribute to the efforts made to bring each victim home! 

This is Women Empowering other Women! 

Give her wings. Inspire confidence. Watch her fly. 

 *Please note: bags are not available for individual purchase. Purchased bags are being shipped centers across the world to women who have been rescued from sex trafficking.