*Classic 2.0 Wing Stamp*

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Introducing our new and improved Wing Stamp, the Classic 2.0! Our new stamp has three amazing features to help you get the Perfect wing in just seconds. First the newly designed shape is universal for most eye shapes including hooded eyes. You are now able to use the whole Stamp or just the wing to apply your eyeliner leaving little to fill in. The Stamp has a guide for perfect placement on each eye. Just line the guide up across the eyeliner and stamp then repeat in the other eye. Last but not least, the new stamp is actually two wings in one! You have the Classic Wing or flip the tool for a smaller, more delicate wing! 

Made in the US.

Orders ship same day or the following business day via USPS and typically arrive in 5-7 business days if not sooner.

They are cruelty free, latex and gluten free. 

The stamps work best with non alcohol based liner. 

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